Saturday, June 19, 2004


Greetings from not-at-all-particularly-sunny Melbourne. I'm still alive and having a great time. Things aren't looking so good accommidation-wise for the Canberra leg of the trip, but I'm on it.

Went to Smith Street (lots of vegetarian places) and Brunswick Street (to Polyester Books, where I purchased Johan Vasquez comics. Yay!) today, which was fun.

Went to the Melbourne Muesum a few days ago and saw CSIRAC - Australia's first (and homegrown) and world's fourth computer. It's also the only surviving first generation computer. Bunch of school kids ran in while Lisa and I were standing in awe and shouted 'Oh. This room is boring' and ran out. Lisa told me I wasn't allowed to kill them.

Oh, you all need to come to Continuum 3.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Wailing and Nashing of Teeth

As I'm flying to Melbourne on Thursday night (four more sleeps - or three, as I suspect I won't be sleeping Thursday night, which will make Friday fun, but then I will be pre-sleep deprived for a convention, so situation normal), and because there's a bunch of stuff I need to have done for work before I go, I came into work today on this public holiday. Not just any old public holiday, but a public holiday that University employees in this fair city actually were allowed to take along with the rest of the throngs of humanity.

I has some software installs to do. As it turned out, I didn't manage to make it all work at all. Basically tried and tried and failed and wasted a day. All over a small typo in a normally insignificant system file. That I made in late April. Arrgh!

Funny how the little things do indeed come back to haunt you.

During my 2-hour install/reinstall cycles I did get to play with some interesting software - a PowerPC emulator. Not all that handy at the end of the day, but getting my Windows machine to at least boot off the Mac OS X install CD did bring a glow, albeit small, to my subversive heart.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Lisa has been in Melbourne for a over a week, now. I miss her.

We've been involved in this relationship thing for about 3 months now, which I think is prety neat, and it all seems to be working out really nicely. I'm flying over to Melbourne next week to spend a fortnight with her, and to go to Continuum, before we both fly back to Perth at the end of June.

Did I mention I miss her?