Tuesday, August 31, 2004

...For No Reason

Trip to dentist wasn't that scary after all. After a bit of a poke and some x-rays I was declared cavity free. Much to my complete suprise.

They did a clean and polish and now my teeth don't quite feel right without all the calcus buildup, and I can't stop my tounge from probing the rediscovered crevices which is driving me a bit mad.

The only downside was that I'm not to use 'hard' toothbrushes any more. Apprently I've done some permenant damage to my gums in a few places.

Monday, August 30, 2004

A Bit Scared

I made a dental appointment today. This is something I have been putting off for eight years. I think it may have gotten to the point where it cannot be put off any longer. Which was very silly of me.

Needless to say, I'm a bit apprehensive of what they might find.

On the plus side of the coin, I went to a lovely party on Saturday night and had a really nice time. Big thanks to Kylie for throwing it. There was a spa and Msquared did firetwirling/breathing. I got to geek with Sheldon and Dave (who is having a trial seperation from Sendmail), got many hugs from Ju (she is under instruction from Lisa and got to rant about cartoons and how crap George Lucas is with John and Claudine.

All in all, a very good time. And too many of my friends need hyperlinks.

And only a fortnight until I get to see Lisa! Yay for real hugs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Dresden Dolls

It's not often I talk about music. My tastes are ecclectic at the best of times. However...

A month back Triple J played a couple of tracks from a sampler of a two-piece band from Boston called The Dresden Dolls. Their webiste describes them as 'Brechtian Punk Caberet', which gives you some idea.

Best of all, the two tracks I heard can be downloaded Girl Anachronism and Coin-Operated Boy. 'Coin-Operated Boy' is more then worth the 10Mb download. Go and by an album. I'm planning on it.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Recently a bridge was built over the railway line around the corner from my house. It's basically where Lathlain station used to be and joins Robert Rd on the north and Miller St to the south.

And it's called Miller's Crossing. On an offical sign. Twice, on either side of the bridge.

It just sounds like a lame joke that got started at a planning meeting and stuck.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Pearls of Wisdom

Never work with children, animals or Oracle Products

Friday, August 06, 2004

Like a Spider

Sitting around the house and writing on the wireless laptop makes me feel a bit like Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan.

And then that's when I start wondering if maybe I need never leave my bed ever again and think about who I could instant message to come and change the bed pan.

And then I remember I'm not a comic book character and that I'm much nicer than Spider. Although my dialogue isn't nearly as well written.


I went and saw Grant's new play tonight. It's called Serpentine. I saw new, but it's script he's had kicking around for a few years, and I'm fairly sure it used to be called In His Name. Of course, it's been revised since then. It's now for cast of two instead of three, with the third character being created through the use of a very effective narrative device.

(Grant's scripts are always fun to see performed or read, from my perspective. They're always filled with snippets of half forgotten conversations, or quotes or references to something cool he'd been reading, 'coz he'd be all excited about it and make me read it as well.)

Kingsley Judd and Sonia Marcon play two police officers who arrive at scene of a homicide in an apartment block, although it quickly becomes apparent that the story being told as a reconstruction from the point of view of DC Kate Hill (Marcon). Their only lead comes from a neightbour, Anthony Grey, who is played very effectively and with great skill by the two leads and if very definately a character in his own right.

Sarah Xu's direction is also top-notch, and I can't imagine anyone else bringing the script and the actors together in such an effective fashion. Andrew Franks lighting design finished off the puzzle by creating clearly defined changes in location and time.

If you want to see the play, and I recommend heartily that you should, you'd better get your skates on - there's only two nights left Friday and Saturday (6th and 7th August). It's on at 9:30pm at the Blue Room studio. Tickets cost $15 or $12 concession.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thailand Bound!

Turns out I did manage to get time off. Slowly negociated a week, and then a week and two days, and now a whole fortnight off work.

So, I'll be off to Singapore for a couple of days and then on to Thailand for a week and a half in mid-September.

The best bit is where I'll get to spend time with Lisa.