Monday, June 27, 2005

It's Not A Skirt, OK?

On Saturday I was fitted for a kilt. For Grant's wedding.

It's very strange when they go to take leg measurements and only go down as far as your knee.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Meanwhile, In Topsy-Turvy Land, Where Everything is Back to Front

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced they'd be releasing software that ran and hardware that was based on the PowerPC architecture. (Hint: The XBox 2. BTW, I'm trying to never refer to it as the XBox 360. It's a silly name).

Yesterday at WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that Apple was going switch to Intel processors. I can understand him being a bit pissed off at IBM for not delivering 3GHz or low power G5s (aka, PowerPC processors), and I always suspected that porting OS X to Intel would be relatively trivial (The core, Darwin, already runs on the x86 architecture), but abandoning the crisp, clean design of PPC in favour of x86, with its twenty years of baggage and backwards compatibility hacks, reeks of Thinking That's Not Quite Right.

Plus, it destroys my vision of Apple swapping to the Cell Processor and destroying the Microsoft/Intel hegemony forever...