Friday, September 15, 2006


So, I noticed that the lj feed that Callistra set up (thank you!) wasn't copying my entry titles correctly.

Which was because, when I set it up three years ago, I didn't actually turn on titles.

I've now fixed this.

But, I wanted to fix some previous posts, so the title was in the right field. Little did I know that the LJ syndication uses the last modified time in the atom feed.


So, I apologise for all my old posts (and now, two new ones) suddenly appearing in the friends list of the 30 people who have my blog feed friended.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nintendo Wii 

As I write, the Nintendo Corporation is engaged in a rolling series of press conferences worldwide to finally announce the street date, pricing, final features and launch titles of their new games console: the Nintendo Wii.

If you're even slightly interested in computer games, then the Wii is certainly the console to watch in the new generation of consoles. Will Nintendo's highly differentiated approach, intuitive controller and appeal to the "casual gamer" help then win back the mindshare from Microsoft and Sony's faster-cpu-and-better-graphics testosterone fuelled pissing competition?

Iwata-san, Nintendo's CEO, led the presentation at the kick-off in Japan, which was pretty much immediately available on-line, with tonnes of video and can be found here, but is, unfortunately (at least for me), in Japanese.

But, this is the net, so here is an automatically translated version.

I'm not going to comment on it just yet, until after the Australian press event tomorrow (which is rumored to include an exclusive "first look" on Channel Seven news tomorrow evening), but for now I'm going to leave you with this auto-translated gem on the pricing of games for the new console:

"Software with a wide dynamic cooking stove is flexibly priced according to the game genre and the volume feeling and it will come in the future."

Which I think is good news for fans of cooking simulators.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Crazy Time! 

I keep seeing Nintendo DS games out cheap. So far I have purchased two - Brain Training, and Animal Crossing: Wild World, and strongly intend to get the new Mario and Luigi RPG (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga on the GBA is great. One day I will finish it.)

Eventually, I'll be able to save up and get an acutal Nintendo DS to play them on.

(There's a black DS Lite coming out at the end of the month - I'll definately hold off until then.)