Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Christmas Time! 

Merry Christmas All!

I've just heard on the radio that's its snowing in Tasmania, and in Mt Bulla in Victoria, which was burnt to the ground by bushfires mere days ago. (Can't find links yet - ABC news site might be a bit slow today). Welcome to Australia!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

"Hallo, Ron! Hallo, Hermione!" said Harry.
"Gosh, Harry. You sound deathly." gushed Ron.
Hermione rolled her eyes.

Wii Greet You 

Nintendo released the trial version of their "internet channel" today, which is basically the Opera browser for the Wii. So far, it seems to work pretty good - even does flash. Using the wiimote to point at the on screen keyboard makes text entry a little slower but the predictive text interface helps a bit, so this blog entry wasn't too painful to write. Not sure it'll be used all that often, tho'.
The browser has been tailored to the lower resolution of a television quite well.us The fonts are clear and readable, but you normally have to zoom into the page for best effect. Scrolling is intuitive.
The start up screen says the browser isn't yet feature complete. I wonder what's missing?
UPDATE: Text highlighting is missing. Or I've yet to figure out how.
UPDATE 2: Popup windows are curious.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Weird Little Thing 

I've just noticed that my belly button isn't as centred as I recall it being.

*prods stomach*

I'm sure it's normal, really.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Vegetable Stock Contain Vegetables Like Girl Guide Cookies Contain Girl Guides 

Recently, I've been buying the Campbell brand 'Real Stock' liquid stock. It's great for soups and risottos and the like. I made some soup a last week and while shopping this afternoon was reaching for the shelf for a new one when I decided to recheck the label.

The bastards have changed their recipe. Now one of the ingredients is "Vegetable Paste (contains milk products)". Or worse, have made their label more accurate.


How the hell does milk end up in liquid vegetable stock?

The other major brand of liquid vege stock that Woolworths carries, Gravox, also contains milk.

Luckily they had a third brand, Massel, that boldly proclaims on the label "Contains no animal products" and is gluten free as well. Massel also make a liquid chicken stock that's also free of animal product.

UPDATE: I've checked the pantry - I have a carton of Vegetable and Garlic 'Real Stock' that has 'Vegetable Paste (contains milk)" on the label, unlike the older carton that's still in the fridge which makes no mention of it. If anyone wants it (the one from the pantry), who's likely to see me soon let me know. I'm allergic to the fucker.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things That Piss Me Off 

I'm sure this happens to more than just me.

You're driving along, as I was this evening, along some sort of dual carridgeway, Row Highway in this case, in the top lane, because i) the left lane has cars in it and ii) you're going faster than they are. In my case, I was just doing under 110kph, and trying to find a gap in the left lane so I can take the next exit.

Enter the Fucktard.

Some dickhead in a fairly new silver/grey holden sedan rushes up behind me, starts tailgating, and then starts to flash their lights. I'm already doing over the speed limit. Just an aside - why do people want to drive these metallic grey cars that are roughly the same colour as i) the road and ii) an overcast sky. Presumably you have a deathwish, so being invisible appeals.

Now, at this point, I could just find a gap and force my into it and let the moron zoom on. Except that's not actually possible as the car to the left is a PRIME MOVER. Untrailered, but I'm really not taking his braking space.

Meanwhile, Driver With Tiny Penis (it's his Indian name. Kid you not) is now so close to my rear bumper that I can no longer see the headlights he's continuing to flash.

I'm pretty pissed off by this point. I've not had a pleasant day. It's been long and hard. I'm tired as I no longer seem to sleep like regular humans. My eyes hurt, due to a new complication I've developed, which seems to be related to my skin and lack of sleep. I've already slowed down to exactly the speed limit, but shit-for-brains doesn't seem to be getting the point to back off, or indeed, noticed the dirty large truck next to me.

So I do what everyone should do in situations like this: Plant the brakes.

The driver of the prime mover seemed to have figured out what was going at this point, and gave me room to move into left lane.

And the slowlearner predictably speeds past, pausing only to show me the bird. Or at least I assume that's what the gesture was about. If you want to gesture rudely to other drivers, I strongly suggest you don't get the darkest tinting you can buy.

All in all, a fairly crap day. If anyone wants me, I'll be under the doona.