Friday, August 10, 2007

Travel Tips - Mt Eccles National Park 

Go here, particularly if you're heading somewhere near it, as it's a very worthwhile detour.

Mt Eccles was a volcano some 19000 years ago. So, there's a nice crater. And lava canals.

Oh, and a perfect formed lava tube you can just walk into for a bit of a squizz. Take a torch for better viewing. (I didn't have one, sadly.) Awesome.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Travel Tips - The Great Ocean Road 

I can highly, highly recommend driving the Great Ocean Road in south-western Victoria. I would suggest going from east to west, and allowing more than one day to traverse from Lorne to Port Fairy (which is what I did, and there was plenty I didn't have time to stop and see).

The Otways spilling down into the Southern Ocean is amazing.

Don't both with the lighthouse at Cape Otway if you're in a hurry - it's a 21 km detour of winding road with a gatehouse at the end that charges you money to see the lighthouse. Not what you want if all have time for is a quick squiz and a snapshot. (I didn't get either for my trouble)