Monday, October 01, 2007

Me Vs. The Garden 

Whilst I was away in August (I'll get some photos up one day!) my garden went a little wild. I was intending to at least mow the lawn before I left, but it rained pretty much every Saturday and Sunday in July that I wasn't busy. So I came back to metre high grass and overgrown garden beds.

Managed to mow the lawn last Sunday afternoon - it now resembles brown stubble, and this long weekend I took advantage of the nice weather to weed the garden beds. Came across all sorts of wildlife - worms, beetles, lizards, snails, spiders and even a frog, so hope I haven't damaged the ecosystem too much.

Whilst it is all looking much better, disadvantage is that my allergies are playing up (which are already bad this time of year), so currently feel like quite drained and a bit crap. Still have to get all the weeds out of the gaps between the bricks in the patio, too.