Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hack Your Hardware - Links 

Some links from the 'Hack Your Hardware' panel at Wastelands.

Canon Digital Camera Firmware "Extensions" - CHDK

Twilight Hack / Wii Homebrew Channel

Johnny Lee's Wiimote software

Wiimote interface software for Symbian 60 based mobile phones

SCUMMvm Virtual Machine for running certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games (from LucasArts and others), provided you already have their data files.

Korg MS-10 emulator for the Nintendo DS

If anyone can remember anything else we talked about, leave a comment.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Queen of Facebook 

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Google yesterday, the BBC commissioned Sue Townsend to write a piece imagining the Queen up late surfing the 'net.

It can read, or listened to (as performed by Dead Ringers cast member Jan Ravens) here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Macroeconomic Slasher Flick 

For the last few years in Australia we've seen the Federal Government, in conjunction with the Reserve Bank, with the exception of some blatent showing off for the girls in the backseat around election time, drive the economy fairly cautiously down the road, tapping on the breaks occasionally with a series small interest rate rises and recently a well publicised tightening in government spending to try and stop the whole thing from spinning out of control.

Except, I've been noticing that the other economies along the side of the road have been throwing money at their banking systems, trying to shore things up, bring in the signage and boarding over the windows. There's less people on the street.

And we've just suddenly stomped on the acclerator, with a massive single interest rate cut, signalled that there will be more, and are going to push $10 billon dollars out of back the car.

Have we come up to a hill? Or is there really something out there in the darkness that's got our scent?